The fees for interpretation services according to the VKD standard are summed up into a daily fee, which takes into account a huge aspect of the costs linked to the interpretation services such as sound preparation and knowledge of the topic as well as assignment-related terminology research and maintenance. The fees also depend on the type of interpreting assignment and size of the interpreting team. Additional costs such as travel and accommodation expenses or a per diem allowance may apply. Recordings of an interpreter's performance involve an extra copyright fee.


The fees for translation services are based on a per line rate (at 55 characters) based on the source text, and depend on the individual nature/difficulty of the text, the timeframe in which a translation must be completed, and sometimes on the conceptual design/formatting (i.e. for tables and PowerPoint presentations). The per line rate also includes the copyright if the translation is meant for publication (incl. cross-check principle) and not just for informational purposes (i.e. in-house communication).


Proofreading is usually charged by the hour. As the number of pages (at 1,500 characters) that can be proofread in one hour may vary, I prefer to provide a customised offer to my clients depending on the text type.