When proofreading copy, I correct common terms, punctuation, grammar and typesetting standards. I also pay special attention to my clients’ corporate wording. As the organiser, you can support me by providing some extra information in a (creative) brief.


As a special service, I will be happy to act as a copyeditor and make stylistic remarks, and check for consistent and reasonable use of terms. If the text is a typeset proof for printing, don't hesitate to ask me for corrections regarding the layout.


If you write content that is repetitive and simply structured, you may decide to use a machine translation engine. Postediting work, i.e. checking and correcting the output of such engines to bring it closer to human translation standard, requires a high level of translational expertise, and translators are faced with different challenges compared to correcting a human translation. Whether you ask for light or full postediting, I revise machine-generated translations from customised engines or the most common machine translation engines that deliver a good quality output.