Press releases, advertisements, websites, PowerPoint presentations, scientific copy, internal or external communication or even machine translations: your copy should be received without mistakes. Just try my proofreading and copyediting service.


When proofreading copy, I correct common terms, punctuation, grammar and typesetting standards. I also pay special attention to my clients’ corporate wording. As the organiser, you can support me by providing some extra information in a (creative) brief.


As a special service, I will be happy to act as a copyeditor and make stylistic remarks, and check for consistent and reasonable use of terms. This is especially advisable for machine translations as accuracy can be very low. If the text is a typeset proof for printing, don't hesitate to ask me for corrections regarding the layout.

Optimisation of your speech writing

If you are having trouble writing a speech that wins a crowd, I am here to help. As an experienced conference interpreter, I have the necessary expertise to edit, revise and optimise your speech in terms of rhetorics and grammar.