The world’s your oyster

2020 can be summarised in one word: COVID. So next year can only get better, right? All the more reason to paint the town red this New Year's Eve (while staying in your own home, socially distanced, of course). Because the world's your oyster, as Murray Head sang in their 80s hit "One Night in Bangkok". It means that you can achieve anything you wish in life because you managed to, well, "crack that oyster". Germans are (quite literally) more down to earth when it’s about achieving goals. They say: "The world’s at your feet". Because in Germany, oysters are much more associated with decadence and luxury, rather than hard work. Oysters are also rumoured to be powerful aphrodisiacs, which is why Casanova insisted on eating 50 of them every day just to fuel up. As much as he enjoyed oysters, however, he still claimed that women were his true cuisine ;-)